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Up-to-date documentation:

SpatialSoften and TemporalSoften remove noise from a video clip by selectively blending pixels.


[edit] Syntax and Parameters


SpatialSoften(clip clip, int radius, int luma_threshold, int chroma_threshold)

Like Blur, SpatialSoften blends neighboring pixels in the frame – but with a wider possible radius, and only if neighboring pixels are within luma_threshold and chroma_threshold, as explained below.

clip  clip =
Source clip. Must be YUY2 color format.
int  radius =
Filter radius – defines which pixels are processed.
Range 0-32; radius=0 results in no smoothing. Values > 32 may cause AviSynth to crash.
int  luma_threshold, chroma_threshold =
When smoothing a given pixel P, SpatialSoften ignores any neighbor pixel Pn where:
  • Pn luma differs from P luma by more than luma_threshold, OR
  • Pn chroma differs from P chroma by more than chroma_threshold.


TemporalSoften(clip clip, int radius, int luma_threshold, int chroma_threshold [, int scenechange] [, int mode ] )

Blends corresponding pixels in neighboring frames. All frames no more than radius away are examined. Blending occurs only if corresponding pixels are within luma_threshold or chroma_threshold, as explained below.

AVS+ arguments are autoscaling – they are always 0-255 at all bit depths.

clip  clip =
Source clip. Supported color formats: all except RGB24 and RGB48
int  radius =
Filter radius. All frames no more than radius from the current frame are examined.
(for radius=2, FIVE frames are processed: the current frame, two ahead and two behind)
Range 0-7; radius=0 results in no smoothing.
int  luma_threshold =
When smoothing a given luma pixel Y, the corresponding pixel in neighboring frame Yn
is ignored where Yn differs from Y by more than luma_threshold.
int  chroma_threshold =
When smoothing a given chroma pixel C, the corresponding pixel in neighboring frame Cn
is ignored where Cn differs from C by more than chroma_threshold.
  • Good starting values are around 1 or 2 times luma_threshold.
int  scenechange = 0
Defines the maximum average pixel change between frames; set properly, this will avoid blending across scene changes.
  • Good values are between 5 and 30, somewhat higher than luma_threshold.
  • scenechange not supported in RGB modes.
int  mode = 1
New scripts should specify mode=2 to enable ISSE processing. For backward compatibility, mode=1 by default.

[edit] Examples

  • Good initial values:
TemporalSoften(3, 4, 8, scenechange=15, mode=2)

[edit] Changes

v2.56 TemporalSoften working also with RGB32 input (as well as YV12, YUY2)
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