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The colors are wrong

Unfortunately, the problem may be codec hell: the installed decoder for a given media type is incompatible with the encoder that created the video. MJPEG is particularly problematic in this regard. Try pixel_type="RGB24" or "RGB32".

This has nothing to do with codec hell. Codec hell means that some DirectShow filter forces itself too decode the file (with the possibility that is bugged). With the consequence that you need to investigate and take some effort to let it decode by your decoder of choise.
The only problem with some MJPEG decoders (afaik) is that it will do a YCbCr [16,235] to RGB [16,235] conversion if you request RGB from the codec. Which will be in many cases undesired.
Let me know if you are referring to something else. Admin 22:56, 1 February 2016 (CET)
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