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Author Donald Graft
Version v1.1
Download avscube_1.1.rar
Category Adjustment Filters
License Open source
Discussion Doom9 Thread



AviSynth+ plugin to load and apply Adobe 3D LUTs to a clip. Ported from VapourSynth timecube plugin.


Syntax and Parameters

Cube (clip, string "cube", int "cpu", bool "fullrange")

clip   =
Input clip; the filter receives and delivers the RGBP16 color space.

string  cube = ""
Full path of the 3D LUT file. This must be an Adobe *.cube file.

int  cpu = INT_MAX
cpu: default INT_MAX, which selects best SIMD.
  • 0 : SIMD_NONE
  • 1 : SIMD_SSE42
  • 2 : SIMD_AVX2

bool  fullrange = true
  • false : limited range
  • true : full range


Apply 3D LUT to clip obtained from BlankClip:

BlankClip(pixel_type="RGBP16", color=$ff0000)

Apply 3D LUT to HDR10 PQ clip obtained from DGSource():

DGSource("THE GREAT WALL.dgi", fulldepth=true)
z_ConvertFormat(pixel_type="RGBP16", colorspace_op="2020ncl:st2084:2020:l=>rgb:linear:2020:f", dither_type="none")
z_ConvertFormat(pixel_type="YUV420P16", colorspace_op="rgb:linear:2020:f=>2020ncl:st2084:2020:l", dither_type="none")


Version         Date            Changes
v1.1            2019/01/25      - Rather than upgrade to r2a I ported the fullrange fix only.
v1.0            2018/08/16      - Initial release

Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
v1.1 avscube_1.1.rar avscube_1.1.rar
v1.0 avscube_1.0.rar avscube_1.0.rar

External Links

  • Doom9 Forum - FranceBB LUT Collection
  • GitHub - ColorMatch3D - tool that creates a .cube 3D LUT that matches colors of a reference image with a different grading. Discussion thread
  • GitHub - hlg-tools - this tool suite consists of the basics needed to generate 3D LUTs that will convert video streams from Perceptual Quantizer (PQ) HDR into Hybrid-Log Gamma (HLG) HDR. Discussion thread

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