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Mikeytown2 aspectratio.png

Diagram above is an example of the calculations one can do with a DVD source (left side). This is an oversimplified DVD example (numbers are not 100% accurate, the math is), but it should help in understanding what is going on.

Acronyms and their possible meanings

AR: Aspect Ratio

DAR: Display Aspect Ratio

FAR: Frame Aspect Ratio

IAR: Image Aspect Ratio; Intended Aspect Ratio

MAR: Movie Aspect Ratio; Modified Aspect Ratio

OAR: Original Aspect Ratio

PAR: Pixel Aspect Ratio; Picture Aspect Ratio

RAR: Raster Aspect Ratio

SAR: Sample Aspect Ratio; Signal Aspect Ratio; Source Aspect Ratio; Storage Aspect Ratio

Online Calculators

Software DVD players and DAR


mpeg-1 specs: (ISO/IEC 11172 Part 2, Chapter "Sequence header"; pel_aspect_ratio)

mpeg-2 specs: (DAR, SAR)

mpeg-2 specs: (ISO/IEC 14496 Part 2)

mpeg-4 specs: (no SAR)

h264/AVC specs: (only SAR)

ITU standard

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