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Author Chikuzen
Version 1.0.0
Download avs2pipemod-1.0.0.zip
Category Utilities
License GPLv3
Discussion Doom9 Thread



Given an AviSynth script as input, avs2pipemod can send video, audio, or information of various types to stdout for consumption by command-line encoders or other tools. It is a continued development of avs2pipe. Thanks to Chris Beswick for releasing avs2pipe under GPL 3.0.

Differences compared to the original:

  • Display total elapsed time.
  • contents of 'info'
  • New option 'benchmark'.
  • New option 'trim'.
  • New option 'x264raw'
  • New option 'dumptxt'
  • 'y4mp', 'y4mt', 'y4mb' and 'rawvideo' options instead of 'video'.
  • FieldBased input will be corrected to framebased on yuv4mpeg2 output modes.
  • Colorspace conversion that takes colormatrix and interlace into consideration.
  • 'wav', 'extwav' and 'rawaudio' option instead of 'audio'.
  • Convert bit depth function in audio output mode.
  • Only the compilation with mingw/msys is supported.



avs2pipemod  ver 1.0.0
built on Jul 10 2016 14:14:38
Usage: avs2pipemod [option] input.avs e.g. avs2pipemod -wav=24bit input.avs > output.wav avs2pipemod -y4mt=10:11 input.avs | x264 - --demuxer y4m -o tff.mkv avs2pipemod -rawvideo -trim=1000,0 input.avs > output.yuv
-wav[=8bit|16bit|24bit|32bit|float default unset] output wav format audio(WAVEFORMATEX) to stdout. if optional arg is set, audio sample type of input will be converted to specified value.
-extwav[=8bit|16bit|24bit|32bit|float default unset] output wav extensible format audio(WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE) containing channel-mask to stdout. if optional arg is set, audio sample type of input will be converted to specified value.
-rawaudio[=8bit|16bit|24bit|32bit|float default unset] output raw pcm audio(without any header) to stdout. if optional arg is set, audio sample type of input will be converted to specified value.
-y4mp[=sar default 0:0] output yuv4mpeg2 format video to stdout as progressive. -y4mt[=sar default 0:0] output yuv4mpeg2 format video to stdout as tff interlaced. -y4mb[=sar default 0:0] output yuv4mpeg2 format video to stdout as bff interlaced.
-rawvideo[=vflip default unset] output rawvideo(without any header) to stdout.
-info - output information about aviscript clip.
-benchmark - do benchmark aviscript, and output results to stdout.
-dumptxt - dump pixel values as tab separated text to stdout.
-trim[=first_frame,last_frame default 0,0] add Trim(first_frame,last_frame) to input script. in info, this option is ignored.
-y4mbits[=9/10/12/14/16 default 16] specify true bit depth of YUV4XXP16 this option is available only at the time of Y4M output
-dll[=path to avisynth.dll default "avisynth"] specify which avisynth .dll is used.
note1 : in yuv4mpeg2 output mode, RGB input that has 720pix height or more will be converted to YUV with Rec.709 coefficients instead of Rec.601.
note2 : in fact, it is a spec violation to use WAVEFORMATEX(-wav option) except 8bit/16bit PCM. however, there are some applications that accept such invalid files instead of supporting WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE.
note3 : '-extwav' supports only general speaker positions.
Chan. MS channels Description ----- ------------------------- ---------------- 1 FC Mono 2 FL FR Stereo 3 FL FR BC First Surround 4 FL FR BL BR Quadro 5 FL FR FC BL BR like Dpl II (without LFE) 6 FL FR FC LF BL BR Standard Surround 7 FL FR FC LF BL BR BC With back center 8 FL FR FC LF BL BR FLC FRC With front center left/right



  • Dump pixel values[1].
ColorBars(320, 240, "YV12").Trim(0, -1)
$ avs2pipemod -dumpyuv colorbars.avs > dump.txt


Version       Date            Changes
1.0.0 07/10/2016 - change avisynth_c.h to Avisynth+MT's avisynth.h. - change C99 to C++11. - change mingw-w64 to VisualC++2015. - drop Avisynth 2.5x support. - drop WindowsXP support. - drop x264bd and x264raw options. - add Avisynth+MT's new 16/32bit formats support. - add FFmpeg's extended Y4M formats output support.
0.4.2m 01/20/2013 - Add progress indicator for audio output(experimental)
0.4.1 03/14/2012 - Fix wrong error handling in '-x264raw(tc)'.
0.4.0 03/04/2012 - Change '-dumpyuv' to '-dumptxt', and support all colorspaces.
0.3.0 02/17/2012 - Add new option '-dumpyuv'
0.2.1 01/30/2012 - Add new options '-x264raw', '-x264rawtc'.
0.1.2 01/28/2012 - Fix crash when importing invalid avs.
0.1.1 01/05/2012 - Rewrite code. - avs2pipemod detects avisynth version, and changes the actions. (thus, avs2pipe26mod was removed.) - avisynth.lib is unnecessary any longer. - win64 builds can also be compiled now.
20111130 11/30/200 - Port video output processing from latest avs2pipe.
20110919 09/19/2011 - Add new option 'trim'.
20110703-2 07/03/2011 - Changed -audio to -extwav.
20110703 07/03/2011 - Add new options '-wav' and '-extwav', and remove '-audio'. - '-wav' outputs audio with normal riff-wave header. - '-extwav' outputs audio with wave extensible header containing channel-mask.
20110510 05/10/2011 - Fix incorrect output of 'x264bd', and some modified. - Correct a bug in '-audio' and '-rawaudio'.
20110507 05/07/2011 - initial release

Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
v1.0.0 avs2pipemod-1.0.0.zip N/A
v0.4.2m avs2pipemod-0.4.2m.7z N/A

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