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|[ BestAudioSource-test8.7z]
|[ BestAudioSource-test8.7z]
|[ BestAudioSource-test7.7z]
|[ BestAudioSource-test7.7z]
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<!--test 3 source code: [] -->
<!--test 3 source code: [] -->
== External Links ==
== External Links ==
*[ GitHub] - Source code repository.
*[ GitHub] - Source code repository.

Revision as of 03:11, 22 August 2021

Author Myrsloik
Version test8
Download BestAudioSource-test8.7z
Category Source filters
License Open source
Discussion Doom9 Thread



A new sample accurate but somewhat slow FFmpeg based audio source filter for AviSynth+. No indexing required and only available in 64-bit.


Syntax and Parameters

BestAudioSource (string "source", int "track", int "adjustdelay", bool "exactsamples", bool "enable_drefs", bool "use_absolute_path", float "drc_scale", string "varprefix")

string  source =
Path to audio file. Path can be omitted if the script is in the same folder as the audio file.

int  track = -1
Positive track numbers refer to the FFmpeg given stream number. Negative numbers refer to the nth audio track with -1 being the first.

int  adjustdelay = -1
Delay adjustment; not yet implemented.

bool  exactsamples = false
Set to true if you want opening files to be really slow but for some reason need a completely sample exact length.

bool  enable_drefs = false
Enable loading of external tracks, disabled by default.

bool  use_absolute_path = false
Allows loading of external tracks via absolute paths, disabled by default.

float  drc_scale = 0.0
Dynamic Range Scale Factor. The factor to apply to dynamic range values from the AC-3 stream. This factor is applied exponentially.
The default value is 0. There are 3 notable scale factor ranges:
  • drc_scale == 0
    DRC disabled. Produces full range audio.
  • 0 < drc_scale <= 1
    DRC enabled. Applies a fraction of the stream DRC value. Audio reproduction is between full range and full compression.
  • drc_scale > 1
    DRC enabled. Applies drc_scale asymmetrically. Loud sounds are fully compressed. Soft sounds are enhanced.

string  varprefix = ""
Works the same as FFMS2.


BestAudioSource("blah.mp4", track=-1, adjustdelay=-1, exactsamples=false, enable_drefs=false, use_absolute_path=false, drc_scale=0)


Version        Date            Changes
test8 2021/08/17 - Updated with several new options, including drc_scale. test7 2020/08/02 - VapourSynth: update for V4 api again; fixed all known bugs and should be fairly stable test6 2020/06/23 - Fixes clips with more than 2^31 samples in VS and adds 24 bit output to AviSynth. test5 2020/06/13 - Properly export the number of bits per sample test4 2020/06/09 - Update for latest audio api revision test3 2020/01/26 - Fixes the channel mask variable that was previously almost always wrong in AviSynth. - Also add VapourSynth support. test2 2020/01/08 - Fixed output and new parameter "exactsamples" test1 2020/01/07 - Initial release

Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
test8 BestAudioSource-test8.7z
test7 BestAudioSource-test7.7z
test6 BestAudioSource-test6.7z
test5 BestAudioSource-test5.7z
test4 bestaudiosource-test4.7z
test3 bestaudiosource-test3.7z bestaudiosource-test3.7z

External Links

  • GitHub - Source code repository.

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