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Author Chikuzen
Version v0.3.1
Download BucketMedian-
Category Blurring
License ISC



BucketMedian is an implementation of spatial median filter adapting bucket (counting) sort algorithm. Also induces BMBorderProc.avsi, a script to safely process borders with BucketMedian.


** AviSynth 2.5.8 only supports YV12

Syntax and Parameters

BucketMedian (clip, int "radius", int "thresh", int "min", int "max")

clip   =
Input clip; only planar formats are supported and only luma will be processed.

int  radius = 1
The radius of the neighborhood pixel referred to in order to calculate a median.
Higher values require heavy resources. Box size is (radius*2+1) * (radius*2+1).
Range: 1 to 255

int  thresh = 1
Threshold of which determines whether to change a pixel value into a median.
new = absolute(median - old) < thresh ? median : old
(new:filtered pixel value, old:source pixel value)
Range: 1 or higher

int  min = 0
Threshold of low pixel value.
If source's value is lower than this, the pixel is not processed.
Range: 0 to 254

int  max = 255
Threshold of high pixel value.
If source's value is higher than this, the pixel is not processed.
Range: 1 to 255


MedianBucket with default settings:

MedianBucket(radius=1, thresh=1, min=0, max=255)


Version      Date            Changes
v0.3.0 08/21/2012 - Remove border processing and add BMBorderProc.avsi v0.2.0 04/06/2012 - Add "thresh" parameter v0.1.0 04/04/2012 - Initial release

Archived Downloads

Version Download Source code Mirror
v0.3.1 BucketMedian- BucketMedian-master.zip BucketMedian-0.3.1.zip
v0.2.0 BucketMedian-0.2.0.zip

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