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{{FilterCat4|External_filters|Plugins|Restoration_filters|Rainbow & Dot Crawl Removal}}
{{FilterCat4|External_filters|Plugins|Restoration_filters|Rainbow & Dot Crawl Removal}}
| {{Author/chiyo-clone}}  
| {{Author/chiyo-clone}}  

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Author chiyo-clone
Version 2004/05/22
Download cc_20040522.lzh
Category Rainbow & Dot Crawl Removal
License GPLv2



Noise reduction filter which reduces cross-color (rainbows) and cross-luminance (dot crawl) artifacts. It works by temporally blending only static parts of a frame.


  • AviSynth 2.5.8 or later
  • Supported color formats: YUY2, YV12

Syntax and Parameters

cc (clip, int "y1", int "y2", int "c1", int "c2", bool "interlaced", float "yc", bool "ylimit", bool "climit")

clip   =
Input clip.

int  y1 = 8
int  y2 = 8
Range: 0 - 256
Luma thresholds that control how much cross-luminance is reduced. Higher values increase strength.

int  c1 = 12
int  c2 = 112
Range: 0 - 256
Chroma thresholds that control how much cross-color is reduced. Higher values increase strength.
The value of c1 should always be less than c2. For c2 it's recommended to use higher values.

bool  interlaced = true
When set to false, input will be treated as progressive. This only applies to YV12.

float  yc = 2.0
Value that represents how much cross-luminance the chrominance signal has introduced.

bool  ylimit = true
Luma limiter

bool  climit = true
Chroma limiter


cc with default values:

cc(y1=8, y2=8, c1=12, c2=112, interlaced=true, yc=2.0, ylimit=true, climit=true)


     - Optimize limiter
     - Add chroma limiter "climit"
2004/03/15: - Add limiter "ylimit" - Add parameter "yc"
2004/03/06: - Add parameter "interlace" - YV12 support - AviSynth 2.5 support
2003/12/17: - Add parameters y1,y2,c1,c2
2003/10/13: - Initial release

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