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Author MOmonster
Version 1.1b
Download Cdeblend.avs
Category Deblenders
Discussion Doom9 Thread



Cdeblend is a simple blend replacing function like Unblend or RemoveBlend. Now superseded by Srestore.


  • AviSynth 2.5.8 or later
  • Supported color formats: YV12

Required Plugins

Latest versions of the following filters are recommended unless stated otherwise.

Syntax and Parameters

Cdeblend (clip input, int "omode", float "bthresh", "mthresh", float "xr", float "yr", bool "fnr", clip "dclip")

input clip =
Input clip.
omode int (0-4, default 0)
Stands for the output mode. There are five different omodes:
  • omode 0 -> The previous frame will be duplicated to avoid a blend. (Default.)
  • omode 1 -> The next frame is used instead of a blend.
  • omode 2 -> Like omode 0 but with some double-blend detection (only without missing fields)
  • omode 3 -> A special mode for 12fps sources.
  • omode 4 -> Does nothing with the source. It just subtitles the blend factor.
bthresh float (0-2.0, default 0.1)
For omode 0 and 1 bthresh will be just compared with the calculated blend factor. If the blend factor is higher a blend is detected. Omode 3 uses this threshold to detect clears. If blendfactor<-bthresh the frame will be output also if there is another frame with a smaller blendfactor. This can give a better motion.
mthresh float (0.3-1.6, default 0.6)
Used for (m)otion (thresh)olding. It regulates the blend detection of frames with small pixel value differences. A better quality of the source allows lower values and a more accurate detection.
xr,yr float (1.0-4.0, default 1,5,2.0)
The scaled detection radius (xr & yr) blurs the internal detection clip and can speed up the function a little bit.
fnr bool = false
With fnr=true you enable a (f)ast (n)oise (r)eduction. It's sometimes useful for noisy sources and typical area motion (anime). Don't use a too big radius if you enable this feature and don't use it on very clean sources (speed decreasing is not the only negative effect).
dclip clip = input
The detectionclip can be set to improve the blend detection (cleaning the clip before).
This clip is only used for the blend detection and not for output.


c = last.Crop(8,16,-8,-8, true)

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