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Author Donald Graft
Version 205x
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Category Source filters
Discussion rationalqm.us


DGDecNV is a decoder/frameserver for AVC, HEVC, MPEG2, and VC1 streams that runs on the GPU of Nvidia graphics cards that support CUDA video decoding. It works in conjunction with the indexing tool DGIndexNV. See official homepage: http://rationalqm.us/dgdecnv/dgdecnv.html

DGDecodeNV.dll includes the following AviSynth filters:

  • DGSource: source filter that delivers decoded video in YV12/i420/YUV420P16 format. (requires AviSynth+ for high-bit-depth work)
  • DGDenoise: fast stand-alone CUDA filter that implements NLM denoising. Supports YUV420P16.
  • DGSharpen: fast stand-alone CUDA filter that implements limited sharpening like the well-known filter LimitedSharpenFaster(). Supports YUV420P16.
  • DGTelecide: fast stand-alone CUDA filter that implements field matching and adaptive deinterlacing.
  • DGDecimate: fast stand-alone CUDA filter that implements N-in-M frame decimation.
  • DGBob: fast stand-alone CUDA filter that implements the YADIF deinterlacing algorithm (original concept by Michael Niedermayer).
  • PVBob: a stand-alone version of the PureVideo deinterlacer. This is the same functionality that you get using the deinterlace parameter of DGSource().

DGIndexNV, part of the DGDecNV package, is primarily designed to create an index of an AVC/HEVC/MPG/VC1 video stream, containing the location of each frame in the input stream, and some additional information about each frame. This index, or project file, is used by the companion Avisynth filter DGDecodeNV to provide frame-accurate serving of the video via an Avisynth script. DGDecNV can also be used with Vapoursynth because Vapoursynth can load and use Avisynth source filters. DGIndexNV can open AVC/HEVC/MPG/VC1 video in elementary streams, and in program, transport, Matroska, and MP4 containers.


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