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Author AmjadSONY
Version 11/11/2016
Download DeHaloHmod.avsi
Category Dehalo
Discussion Doom9 Thread



DeHaloHmod - a modfificaition of DeHaloH by Vitaliy Gorbatenko.


Required Plugins

Latest versions of the following filters are recommended unless stated otherwise.

Syntax and Parameters

DeHaloHmod (clip input, int "Radius", int "Str", bool "Maska", bool "strong", int "mode", int "thr", string "exdehalo", bool "analog", bool "dirty", bool "smooth")

clip  clp =
Input clip.

int  Radius = 2
Radius, the default value is 2 but it's set to 6 when dirty=true, and 4 when smooth=true and dirty=false.

int  Str = 3
Strength, the default value is 3 but it's set to 5 when smooth=true.

bool  Maska = false
Set to true to show mask.

bool  strong = true
Only has an effect when mode is set to 0.

int  mode = 3
Masking mode.

int  thr = 140
Threshold, Only has an effect when mode is not set to 0.

string  exdehalo =
You can use it with an external dehalo filter like this: DeHaloHmod(exdehalo="BlindDeHalo3(4,4)").

bool  analog = false
When set to true, the edge mask is processed with ColorYUV(autogain=true).

bool  dirty = false
When set to true, a smoothed clip will be use to create the edge mask.

bool  smooth = false
When set to true, it wiil make the Invert mask smoothed by mt_inflate(155,155) and if exdehalo is not used DeHalo_alpha, YAHR2, and TBilateral will be use to create the smoothed and DeHalo clip. When set to false, only TBilateral is used.


DeHaloHmod with default values.

DeHaloHmod(Radius=2, Str=3, Maska=false, strong=true, mode=3, thr=140, analog=false, dirty=false, smooth=false)


Version      Date(D/M/Y)      Changes
11/11/2016 - [1] 09/05/2016 - [2] 09/05/2016 - [3] 22/10/2015 - [4] 30/10/2014 - [5] 27/08/2014 - Initial release[6]

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