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Author Fizick, pinterf
Version DepanEstimate v2.10.0.3
Download mvtools-2.7.41-with-depans20200430.7z
Category Stabilizers
License GPLv2
Discussion Doom9 Thread



DePanEstimate is a plugin for full or partial global motion compensation, to be used in conjunction with DePan. Full documentation is here:

  • Note: DePan and DePanEstimate are bundled as a package with MVTools2.


*** vcredist_x86.exe is required for DePanEstimate-x86
*** vcredist_x64.exe is required for DePanEstimate-x64

Syntax and Parameters

This function uses phase-shift method (by fast Fourier transform) for global motion estimation. It uses some central region of every frame (or field) as FFT window to find the inter-frames correlation and to calculate the most appropriate values of vertical and horizontal shifts, which fit current frame to previous one. The some relative correlation parameter is used as trust measure and for scene change detection. In zoom mode, plugin uses left and right sub-windows to estimate both displacements and zoom. Output is special service clip with coded motion data in frames, and optional log file.

DePanEstimate (clip, int "range", float "trust", int "winx", int "winy", int "wleft", int wtop" int "dxmax", int "dymax", float "zoommax", float "stab", float "pixaspect", bool "info", string "log", bool "debug", bool "show", string "extlog", bool "fftw")

clip  clp =
Input clip.

int  range = 0
Number of previous (and also next) frames near requested frame to estimate motion. Value must be equal to or greater than 0.

float  trust = 4.0

int  winy = 0
int  winx = 0
winx - number of columns (width) of fft window (default = 0 for maximum power of 2 within frame width).
winy - number of rows (height) of fft window (default = 0 for maximum power of 2 within frame height).

int  wleft = -1
int  wright = -1
wleft - left position (offset) of fft window (default = -1 for auto centered window).
wtop - top position (offset) of fft window (default = -1 for auto centered window).

int  dxmax = -1
int  dymax = -1
dxmax - limit of x shift (default = -1 for winx/4)
dymax - limit of y shift (default = -1 for winy/4)

float  zoommax = 1.0
Maximum zoom factor (if = 1.0 (default), zoom is not estimated).

float  stab = 1.0
Decreasing of calculated trust for large shifts ( factor dxmax/(dxmax + stab*abs(dx)) ):
= 0.0 - not decrease,
= 1.0 (default) - half at dxmax, dymax.

float  pixaspect = 1.0
Pixel aspect (default = 1.0).

bool  info = false
Show motion info on frame (default = false).

string  log = ""
Output log filename with motion data (in the VirtualDub Deshaker plugin format) (default none, not write).

bool  debug = false
Output data for debugview utility (default = false).

bool  show = false
Show correlation surface (default = false).

string  extlog = ""
Output extended log filename with motion and trust data (default none, not write)


trust parameter defines some threshold value of inter-frame similarity (corelation). It defines how similar must be current frame to prev frame in the same scene. DePanEstimare detects scenechange at current frame, if current correlation value is below the threshold. Set it lower to prevent false scene change detecting, set it higher to prevent skipping of real scenechange (with shaking). Default value is good for most video, but you can test it in info mode.


Version      Date            Changes
v1.10 2016/02/22 - Last release by Fizick, see included documentation for full changelog

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