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Author MakKi
Version v0.05a
Category Logo removal
License GPLv2



Transparent Logo Filter for AviSynth. It includes 2 functions to add or remove semi-transparent logos.


Syntax and Parameters

AddLOGO (clip, string "logofile", string "logoname", int "pos_x", int "pos_y", int "depth", int "yc_y", int "yc_u", int "yc_v", int "start", int "fadein", int "fadeout", int "end", bool "interlaced")
EraseLOGO (clip, string "logofile", string "logoname", int "pos_x", int "pos_y", int "depth", int "yc_y", int "yc_u", int "yc_v", int "start", int "fadein", int "fadeout", int "end", bool "interlaced")

clip   =
Input clip; must be YV12 or YUY2.

string  logofile =
Logo file in lgd or ldp format.

string  logoname = ""
Logo name to be selected from logo file.
If omitted, the logo saved at the top of the logo data file will be used.

int  pos_x = 0
int  pox_y = 0
Logo position adjustment; adjusts in 1/4 pixel increments.

int  depth = 128
Adjusts opacity (depth). 128 is 100%.

int  yc_y = 0
int  yc_u = 0
int  yc_v = 0
Color adjustment; adjust the color of the logo.

int  start = 0
int  end = -1
Specify the frame number of the start/end frame. When end < start, it is executed in all frames after start.

int  fadein = 0
int  fadeout = 0
Fade the logo; number of fade frames.

bool  interlaced = false
Interlace flag, treats YV12 as interlaced. Ignored for YUY2 colorspace.



External Links

  • GitHub - Source code repository

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