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Author tsp, pinterf
Version v0.8.6
Download FFT3dGPU-v0.8.6-pfmod.7z
Category Denoisers
License GPLv2
Discussion Doom9 Forum (original)



FFT3dGPU is a GPU version of Fizick's FFT3DFilter. The algorithm (Fast Fourier Transform, denoising) is the same for the most part. Currently the following is not implemented: support for noise pattern.

In this version the next frame is processed while waiting for the GPU to end it's work. Meaning the filters before fft3dGPU are working concurrently with it. From v0.8.4, the filter automatically registers itself as MT_SERIALIZED for AviSynth+.


Syntax and Parameters

FFT3DGPU (clip, float "sigma", float "beta", int "bw", int "bh", int "bt", float "sharpen", int "plane", int "mode", int "bordersize", int "precision", bool "NVPerf", float "degrid", float "scutoff", float "svr", float "smin", float "smax", float "kratio", int "ow", int "oh", int "wintype" , int "interlaced", float "sigma2", float "sigma3", float "sigma4", bool "oldfft")

clip   =
Input clip

float  sigma = 2.0
Given noise value for all (or highest) frequencies. Only values greater that 0.0

float  beta = 1.0
Noise margin (float>=1.0, default=1.0 for no noise left): control noise amount left in the restoration for Wiener filter, so max filter noise attenuation = (beta-1)/beta.

int  bw = 32
int  bh = 32
Block width and height. It should be a power of 2 ie valid values is 4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512 (note that bw should be greater than 4 for best result).

int  bt = 3
Block temporal size, number of frames.
  • -1 : sharpen only (2D)
  • 0 : all previous frames (switch Kalman filter mode)
  • 1 : only current frame (spatial 2D Wiener filter)
  • 2 : previous and current frame (3D Wiener filter)
  • 3 : previous, current and next frame (3D Wiener filter)
  • 4 : two previous, current and next frame (3D Wiener filter)

float  sharpen = 0.0
Sharpening strength, positive values sharpens the image, negative values blurs the image. 0 disables sharpening.

int  plane = 0
Processed color plane:
  • 0 : luma(Y)
  • 1 : chroma U
  • 2 : chroma V
  • 3 : chroma planes U and V
  • 4 : both luma and chroma
For a greyscale clip. 4 means luma (the only plane), 1,2 and 3 gives error message.
For RGB clips (planar RGB only!) operation is always 4=all planes, regardless of this parameter.

int  mode = 1
Processing mode:
  • 0 : only overlaps 1:1. This is faster but produces artifacts with high sigma values.
  • 1 : block overlaps 2:1. This is slower but produces fewer artifacts.
  • 2 : again 1:1 overlap but with a additional border. This reduces border artifacts seen with mode=0.
The speed is between mode 0 and 1. Kalman(bt=0) works well with mode=0.

int  bordersize = 1
Only used with mode 2. Defines the size of the border.

int  precision = 0
  • 0 : to use 16 bit floats(half precision).
  • 1 : to use 32 bit float(single precision) for the fft and 16 bit float for the wienner/kalman and sharpening.
  • 2 : always use 32 bit floats.
Using 16 bit float increases the performance but reduces precision. With a Geforce 7800GT precision=0 is ~1.5 times faster than than mode 2.
Note: in FFT3dGPU v0.8.6, for 10-32 bit clips, the parameter "precision" is ignored and is set to 2: always use 32 bit float internally.

bool  NVPerf = false
Enables support for NVPerfHUD (http://developer.nvidia.com/object/nvperfhud_home.html).

float  degrid = 1.0
Enables degriding. Only works well with mode=1. Doesn't degrid the Kalman filter (but it does degrid the sharpening (if enabled) after kalman filter). default 1.0 for mode=1, 0.0 for mode=0 or 2.

float  scutoff = 0.3
Sharpening cutoff frequency, relative to max.

float  svr = 1.0
Sharpening (and dehalo) vertical ratio (to horizontal) (default=1.0 - same as horizontal, 0 - no vertical sharpening)

float  smin = 4.0
float  smin = 20.0
Minimum and maximum limit (approximate noise margin) for sharpening stage.

float  kratio = 2.0
Ratio of threshold to sigma to reset Kalman filter. Variation threshold = sigma*kratio, good value is about from 1.5 to 3.0

int  ow = bw/2
int  oh = bh/2
Overlap width and height. This only works with mode=1. This specifies how big the overlap between the blocks are. Overlap size must be less than or equal to half the blocksize. ow must be even.

int  wintype = 0
weighting windows type:
  • 0 : same analysis and synthesis half-cosine window, used in all versions before 1.4.
  • 1 : intermediate between 0 and 2
  • 2 : flat analysis window, rised cosine (Hanning) synthesis window.

bool  interlaced = false
Set to true for separate filtering for each field.

float  singma2 = sigma
float  singma3 = sigma
float  singma4 = sigma
Given noise value at second, third, and lowest scale level frequencies. Only values greater that 0.0

bool  oldfft = false
Set to true to use the old fftcode (used in version 0.6.2 and lower) false to use new fft code. If not defined fft3dgpu will use the fastest code.


Version      Date            Changes
v0.8.6 2021/01/04 - Support 10-32 bit formats. Parameter ranges (smin, smax, sigmas) are the same for all bit depths. - For 10-32 bit clips parameter "precision" is ignored and is set to 2: always use 32 bit float internally - Note: for 8 bits "precision" default is 0: calculation is done in 16 bit floating point type (s10m5) internally
v0.8.5 2020/11/01 - Avisynth+ 3.6 additional support: preserve frame properties - Fix bt=0 Kalman mode warning in fft3dgpu.hlsl
v0.8.4 2018/11/21 - New color spaces besides YV12 and YUY2: Y8, YV16, YV411, YV24 (all 8 bits), 8 bit Planar RGB (AviSynth+) - FFT3dGPU filter registers itself as MT_SERIALIZED automatically for AviSynth+: no need for SetFilterMTMode.
v0.8.3 2018/11/18 - project hosted on https://github.com/pinterf/FFT3dGPU - source and project files updated to build under Visual Studio 2017 - (15.9) using DX SDK June 2010 - Moved to Avisynth Interface 6 (v2.6) - using headers from the AviSynth+ project - added x64 platform
v0.8.2a 2006/08/24 - Last release by tsp, see included docs for full changelog

Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
v0.8.2a fft3dgpu0.8.2a.exe fft3dgpu0.8.2a.exe
v0.8.2 (x64) FFT3DGPU_3-15-2010.rar FFT3DGPU_3-15-2010.rar
v0.8.2 fft3dgpu0.8.2.7z /// fft3dgpu0.8.2.exe fft3dgpu0.8.2.7z /// fft3dgpu0.8.2.exe
  • v0.8.2 x64 version compiled by Joshy D.

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