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Author wonkey_monkey
Version v0.3.1
Category Blurring
License Open source
Discussion Doom9 Thread



Fast approximate Gaussian blurs.


Syntax and Parameters

FastBlur (clip, float blur, float "y_blur", int "iterations, bool "dither", bool "gamma", float "threads")

clip   =
Input clip.

float   =
Blur radius (equivalent to Photoshop Gaussian Blur's radius).

float  yblur =
Vertical blur (if different from horizontal blur)

int  iterations = 3
Number of iterations for approximation. Defaults to 3. A value of 1 performs a box blur.

bool  dither = false
Enable/disable dithering.

bool  gamma = true
Approximate gamma awareness. This should be disabled for masks.

float  threads = -1
Now has a threads parameter to set the number of threads. Defaults to half the number of logical processors minus 1, or 2, whichever is greater (unless you only have one logical processor, in which case: 1).
Set threads to 0 to use all available logical processors, or use a floating pointer between 0 and 1 as a multiplier on the number of local processors, e.g. to use 3/4 of them, set threads to 0.75. [1]
  • < 0 : automatic
  • 0 : use as many threads as logical processors
  • < 1 : use floor(logical processors*threads) threads
  • >= 1 : use floor(threads) threads


  • FastBlur with strong settings:


Version      Date            Changes
v0.3.1 2021/09/30 - Enabled clamping (previously only done for 32-bit clips) to prevent overflow from dithering. v0.3 2021/03/16 - Added threads parameter v0.2.1 2019/12/31 - YUY2 support (now converts internally to YV16 and back) v0.2 2019/12/25 - Updated to fix a rounding/accumulation bug with floating point clips. v0.1 2019/06/30 - Initial release.

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