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Author AmjadSONY
Version 1.35
Download FixChromaBleedingMod.avsi
Category Chroma Correction
Discussion Doom9 thread



A script to reduce color bleeding, over-saturation, and color shifting mainly in red and blue areas. This script is based on FixChromaBleeding.


Required Plugins and Scripts

Latest versions of the following filters are recommended unless stated otherwise.

Syntax and Parameters

FixChromaBleedingMod (clip input, int "cxShift", int "cyShift", float "thr", float "strength", bool "f", float "opacity", bool "n", bool "xysh", bool "Bic")

clip   =
Input clip.

int  cxShift = -4
int  cyShift = -4
Horizontal and vertical chroma shift; vertical shift is ignored when xysh=false (default).
  • When xysh=false, positive values shift chroma to the right, negative values shift to left.
  • When xysh=true, positive values shift chroma to the left/up, negative values shift right/down.

float  thr = 4.0
Masking threshold, higher values treat more areas as color bleed.

float  strength = 0.8
Saturation strength in clip to be merged with the original chroma. Values below 1.0 reduce the saturation, a value of 1.0 leaves the saturation intact.

bool  f = true
Set to true to enable fast processing on the mask clip (default).

float  opacity = 1.0
Opacity strength when blending the original chroma with the corrected one. Range is from 0.0 to 1.0.

bool  n = false
Set to true to blur the mask clip. This parameter is ignored when f=true.

bool  xysh = false
Set to true to shift chroma with ChromaShiftSP which also allows vertical shifting.

bool  Bic = false
Set to true to scale the mask with BicubicResize instead of BilinearResize. This parameter is ignored when f=false.


FixChromaBleedingMod with default settings:

FixChromaBleedingMod(cxShift=-4, cyShift=-4, thr=4.0, strength=0.8, f=true, opacity=1.0, n=false, xysh=flase, Bic=false)


Version      Date(D/M/Y)      Changes
1.35 30/04/2015 - [1] 1.34 29/04/2015 - [2] 1.32 09/04/2015 - [3] 1.3 22/03/2015 - [4] 1.2 06/02/2014 - [5] 1.1 06/02/2014 - [6] 1.0 31/01/2014 - [7] (initial release)

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