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Author Prunedtree, pinterf
Version 0.7
Download frfun7_v0.7.7z
Category Spatial Denoisers
License GPLv2
Discussion Doom9 Thread (2006) - Doom9 Thread (2021)



frfun7 is a spatial fractal denoising plugin.


Syntax and Parameters

frfun7 (clip, float "lambda", float "T", float "Tuv", int "P", int "TP", int "R1")

clip   =
Input clip.

float  lambda = 1.1
Adjust the power of the local denoising.

float  T = 6.0
Limits the max luma denoising power for edges; 0 disables processing.

float  Tuv = 2.0
Limits the max chroma denoising power for edges; 0 disables processing.

int  P = 0
It's a "speed -vs- quality" trade off setting.
  • 0 : faster but slightly lower quality than frfun7_rev6 (may create minor artifacts around line edges).
  • 1 : adaptive overlapping (see also TP1). slower than frfun7_rev6 but the quality is a little bit better.
  • 2 : temporal
  • 4 : adaptive radius
Internally the parameter is treated as a bit mask but probably it has no point.
Parameter is available since frfun7 2013.

int  TP1 = 0
A threshold which affects P=1 (adaptive overlapping).
Introduced as a separate parameter in v0.7. This value had to be encoded into P as TP1*1000 previously.
0 will always run into a final filtering part, the bigger it is, probably the more pixels it will skip. (?)

int  R1 = 3
Radius for first pass of the internal algorithm.
First pass in pre v0.7 was fixed to 3 (and was no separate parameter).
Valid values are 2 or 3.


frfun7 with default settings:

frfun7(lambda=1.1, T=6.0, Tuv=2.0, P=0, TP1=0, R1=3)


Version         Date            Changes
v0.7 2021/09/10 - Code refresh and additions by pinterf - Source to VS2019 solution - Add/guess missing source parts, rename files - Update AviSynth headers - Add version resource - Avisynth V2.6 style plugin - Implement all mmx inline assembler as SIMD intrinsics - x64 build - fix some rounding and other issue - re-enable T=0, Tuv=0 cases (unprocessed plane copy) - add experimental TP1 (default 0) a threshold for P=1 (temporal overlapping) mode - add experimental R1 (default 3, can be set to 2) first pass radius
2013 2013/09/04 - no longer buffers the input; yields a nice speed increase. - "P" parameter added
rev6 2006/05/10 - bug fixes - remove mod8 restriction - process first and last frame
rev1 2006/05/05 - initial release

Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror Mirror 2
v.07 frfun7_v0.7.7
2013 frfun7 frfun7

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