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Author Loren Merritt, Andrew Revvo
Version v1.0.4
Download Hqdn3dY-
Category Spatial-Temporal Denoisers
License GPLv2



hqdn3dY is a modfication of the hqdn3d filter.

Changes include:

  • Chroma processing disabled.
  • Parameters ls and lt were renamed to sp and tp, respectively.
  • Parameters cs, ct, and restart were removed.
  • hqdn3d16Y 16-bit processing using the interleaved 16bit hack aka Double Width (similar hack to Stack16).


Syntax and Parameters

hqdn3dY (clip, float "sp", float "tp")
hqdn3d16Y (clip, float "sp", float "tp")

clip   =
Input clip.

float  sp = 4.0
sp (0-255) is the strength of the spatial filtering on the luma channel. Increasing this value will improve the smoothing but may overblur; anything above about 10 is probably not a good idea.

float  tp = 6.0
tp (0-255) is the strength of the temporal filtering on the luma channel. Increasing this value will improve the smoothing but may cause ghosting; anything above about 13 is probably not a good idea.


Hqdn3dY with all default values:

Hdn3dY(sp=4.0, tp=6.0)

16 bit processing:

ConvertTo16bit() # if your source is not already 16-bit
hqdn3d16Y (sp=4.0, tp=6.0)

To denoise luma and chroma (YUV):

y = ConvertToY8()
u = UToY8()
v = VToY8()
y = y.Hqdn3dY(sp=10.0, tp=0.0)
u = u.Hqdn3dY(sp=10.0, tp=0.0)
v = v.Hqdn3dY(sp=10.0, tp=0.0)

Or to denoise RGB:

r = ShowRed("Y8")
g = ShowGreen("Y8")
b = ShowBlue("Y8")
r = r.Hqdn3dY(sp=10.0, tp=0.0)
g = g.Hqdn3dY(sp=10.0, tp=0.0)
b = b.Hqdn3dY(sp=10.0, tp=0.0)

You can view the result of an individual channel and tweak it by entering a channel clip variable (y,u,v,r,g,b) after this code.


Version      Date            Changes
v1.0.4 2018/01/09 - Compiled with VC++ 2017.5. - Minor improvements. v1.0.3 2017/09/27 - Compiled with VC++ 2017.3. - Video Artifact paths. v1.0.2 2016/11/14 - Compiled with VC++ 2015.3. - Video Artifact-ready. - Batch scripts corrected. v1.0.1 2016/06/22 - Compiled with VC++ 2015 RC 3. - Paths updated. v1.0.0 2016/02/13 - Hqdn3dY Andrew Revvo: 16-bit version is added. v1.0.0b 2016/02/04 - Hqdn3dY Andrew Revvo: Usage instruction is added. v1.0.0a 2016/01/14 - Hqdn3dY - Removed U,V code. - Refactoring. v0.11 2005/01/25 - Fix a floating-point exception. v0.10 2004/10/25 - Initial release.

Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
v1.0.4 Hqdn3dY-
v1.0.1 Hqdn3dY.7z Hqdn3dY-

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