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Up-to-date documentation:

Inverts one or several color channels of a clip.

Invert(clip clip [, string channels] )

clip  clip =
Source video.
string  channels = (all)
Defines which channels should be inverted by their initial letters, e.g. "R" (=red)
Any letters that don't correspond to a channel in the current colorspace are ignored.
Valid channel letters are:
R, G, B & A for RGB32 clips
R, G & B for RGB24 clips
Y, U & V for YUV clips
Letters are not case sensitive and may be given in any order.
By default, all channels of the current colorspace are inverted.

[edit] Example

Invert("BG")    # inverts the blue and green channels
Invert("A")     # no effect (no current A channel)
Invert("VUY")   # no effect (no current Y, U or V channels)
Invert("g, b")  # inverts the blue and green channels

[edit] Changelog

v2.60 All AviSynth colorspaces are supported.
v2.55 Added RGB24, YUY2 and YV12 mode.
v2.53 Initial Release
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