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==External Links==
==External Links==
*[ GitHub] - Source code repository (r8).
*[ GitHub] - Source code repository (r8).
*[ Usage examples (Japanese)]

Revision as of 16:53, 6 June 2020

Author kiraru2002, nekopanda
Version r8
Category IVTC & Decimation
License GPLv2



Its is an inverse Telecine plugin. Its: IvTc/deint Switcher


Syntax and Parameters

Its (clip, string "def", string "tpr", int "fps", bool "debug", int "posx", int "posy", string "chapter", string "output", int "opt")

clip   =
Input clip.

string  def =
Specify the path to the definition file.

string  tpr =
Specify the path to the project file (.tpr) of the free version TMPGEnc (ver 2.5xx). Can be omitted.
Both binary format and text format are supported. (If you cannot read in binary format, please use text format). In this case, the def specification may be omitted.
However, for information, the filter only looks at the reverse telecine frame list, specifying the deinterlacing method (even, odd, etc.) is currently invalid.

int  fps = 0
Specify output fps:
  • -1 : 120fps(mixed fps) - delete frame stripped mode
  • 0 : 120fps(mixed fps)
  • 24 : 24fps
  • 30 : 30fps
When specifying 120fps, use the AVI output (VFR) plug-in (vfrout).
Use it from auoenc that comes with the WarpSharp plugin.
In addition, from 0.8, it can not be used with exavi_vfr.auo.

bool  debug = false
  • true : Debug information is displayed in the image.
  • false : Debug information is not displayed in the image.

int  posx = 0
int  posx = 0
Specify the display position of debug information with a pixel value.

string  chapter = ""
Specify the output path of the generated chapter.
Since it is generated immediately after initialization, it has already been output if the image is displayed in VirtualDub, for example.

string  output = ""
Specify the output destination path of the generated time code. When specifying a chapter file, only the extension is sufficient.
Except for debugging purposes, if it is a codec and encoding application that does not shift the frame even if itvfr is not used, it can be encoded there instead of exavi_vfr.
Since it is generated immediately after initialization, it has already been output if the image is displayed in VirtualDub, for example.

int  opt = 0
Undocumented parameter.


ItsCut (clip, string "timecodes")

clip   =
Input clip.

string  timecodes =
Undocumented parameter


Its with default values:

MPEG2Source("telecine source.d2v")


Version      Date            Changes
r8 2019/09/20 - I fixed it a little because it was buggy r7 2018/01/21 - Supports 25fps (Because it was a considerable project, be careful!!) r6 2017/10/19 - Fixed error when the start frame of 24fps clip is not a multiple of 5. r5 2017/10/24 - AviSynth+: MT_SERIALIZED r4 2017/10/24 - Corrected 0.8.6 a little. AviSynth+ 64bit build v0.8.6 2006/07/03 - Last release by kiraru2002

Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
v0.8.6 Its086.7z

External Links

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