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Author innocenat
Version v0.2
Download JincResize.dll
Category Resize
License Apache 2.0
Discussion Doom9 Thread



Jinc (EWA Lanczos) resampling plugin for AviSynth 2.6/AviSynth+.
JincResize includes 4 functions — Jinc36Resize, Jinc64Resize, Jinc144Resize, and Jinc256Resize, which is a 3-tap, 4-tap, 6-tap, and a 8-tap filter respectively.



  • Downscaling is not currently implemented.

Syntax and Parameters

Jinc36Resize (clip, int, int, float "src_left", float "src_top", float "src_width", float "src_height", int "quant_x", int "quant_y", bool "version")
Jinc64Resize (clip, int, int, float "src_left", float "src_top", float "src_width", float "src_height", int "quant_x", int "quant_y", bool "version")
Jinc144Resize (clip, int, int, float "src_left", float "src_top", float "src_width", float "src_height", int "quant_x", int "quant_y", bool "version")
Jinc256Resize (clip, int, int, float "src_left", float "src_top", float "src_width", float "src_height", int "quant_x", int "quant_y", bool "version")

clip   =
Input clip

int   =
Target width

int   =
Target height

float  src_left = 0
float  src_top = 0
float  src_width =
float  src_height =
Optional crop syntax is the same as AviSynth's internal resizers.

int  quant_x = 256
int  quant_y = 256
Control sub-pixel quantization.

bool  version = false
Setting it to true will show Jinc's internal CPU flag and instruction support it compiles with. More information here.


Upscale to 1920x1080 with Jinc36Resize:

Jinc36Resize(1920, 1080)


Version      Date            Changes
v0.2 07/27/2014 - Core rewritten to use quantized lookup table for coefficient. - Support SSE2, SSE3, AVX2 and FMA3. - Basically, MUCH faster. - Add Jinc144Resize which is 6-tap filter. - Add quant_x, quant_y, and version parameters.
v0.1.1 11/26/2013 - Binary is now compile with ICC14 - More optimized code, should run much faster. Thanks to tp7 and others for optimization tips.
v0.1 11/26/2013 - Initial release

Archived Downloads

Version Download Source code
v0.2 JincResize.dll jinc-resize-0.2.zip
v0.1.1 JincResize.dll jinc-resize-0.1.1.zip
v0.1 JincResize.dll jinc-resize-0.1.zip

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