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Author Scintilla
Version 10/3/08
Download LUTDeCrawl-20081003.avsi
Category Rainbow & Dot Crawl Removal


[edit] Description

LUTDeCrawl, a dot crawl removal script by Scintilla.

[edit] Requirements

[edit] Required Plugins

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

LUTDeCrawl(clip input, int "ythresh", int "cthresh", int "maxdiff", int "scnchg", bool "usemaxdiff", bool "mask")

clip  input =
Input clip.

int  ythresh = 10
This determines how close the luma values of the pixel in the previous and next frames have to be for the pixel to be hit.
Higher values (within reason) should catch more dot crawl, but may introduce unwanted artifacts. Probably shouldn't be set above 20 or so.

int  cthresh = 10
This determines how close the chroma values of the pixel in the previous and next frames have to be for the pixel to be hit. Just as with ythresh.

int  maxdiff = 50
This is the maximum difference allowed between the luma values of the pixel in the CURRENT frame and in each of its neighbour frames (so, the upper limit to what fluctuations are considered dot crawl).
Lower values will reduce artifacts but may cause the filter to miss some dot crawl. Obviously, this should never be lower than ythresh. Meaningless if usemaxdiff = false.

int  scnchg = 25
Scene change detection threshold. Any frame with total luma difference between it and the previous/next frame greater than this value will not be processed.

bool  usemaxdiff = true
Whether or not to reject luma fluctuations higher than maxdiff.
Setting this to false is not recommended, as it may introduce artifacts; but on the other hand, it produces a 30% speed boost. Test on your particular source.

bool  mask = false
When set true, the function will return the mask instead of the image.
Use to find the best values of cthresh, ythresh, and maxdiff. (The scene change threshold, scnchg, is not reflected in the mask.

[edit] Examples

LUTDeCrawl with default settings:

LUTDeCrawl(ythresh=10, cthresh=10, maxdiff=50, scnchg=25, usemaxdiff=true, mask=false)

[edit] Changelog

     - Is this thing on?

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