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Here's a quick function from Dividee to show off the new Layer and Loop filters in AviSynth. Don't put it in your autoload directory since it includes a free function (Animate, see below) and isn't really a general purpose tool anyway.

   function CIRCLE(clip "baseClip", clip "movingClip", float "angle") 
       avWidth = (baseClip.width - movingClip.width) / 2 
       HPos = round(avWidth + cos(angle)*100) 
       VPos = round(avWidth + sin(angle)*100) 
       return baseClip.Layer( movingClip, "Add", 192, HPos, VPos ) 
   Animate(0, 10000, "CIRCLE", clip1, clip2, 0, clip1, clip2, PI*20)

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