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Author SAPikachu, pinterf
Version v0.23
Download MP_Pipeline_v0.23.7z
Category Meta-Filters
License GPLv2
Discussion Doom9 Thread


[edit] Description

A plugin to run parts of an AviSynth script in external processes. See included documentation for usage details.

[edit] Requirements

[edit] Changelog

Change log:

0.23 (20211008) pinterf
    Adapt to post-3.7.1test17 arrays: named arrays are undefined if they are not given like any other named parameter type.
    Code was explicitely checked for array-ness.
    (case of MPP_SharedMemoryServer  [aux_clips]c*, becasue Avisynth differs between an explicite zero sized array parameter
    and a not-given parameter. Internally generated MPP script does not pass the parameter by default)

0.22 (20201115) pinterf
    Fix crash when there were too many characters (over some hundred) in script between inherit start and inherit end markers (regex library limitation)

0.21 (20200605) pinterf
    Fix buffer overflow for alpha-aware YUVA420 and YUVA422
    Fix passing packed RGB formats

0.20 (20200404) pinterf

    Avisynth+ support Add version resource Build: move to VS2019, v142 and v141_xp toolset Cleanup folder structure

0.18.2: (20190114) realfinder

    Avisynth 2.6 Classic MT support (realfinder). ### setmtmode: a, b Translates into SetMTMode(a,b)


    Fix deadlock when exported clip is consumed by multiple script block


    Properly terminate slave processes when initialization fails
    Fix "Not a clip" error when using ### inherit and the last block is empty


    Try to silent all error dialogs on exit of slave process
    Slave process shouldn't be stuck on exit anymore, it will terminate itself if it doesn't exit cleanly after 15 seconds
    Fix ### branch statement, previously it incorrectly rejects some input


    Properly clean script environment up on exit
    Allow using different avisynth dll to run script block (### dll)


    Fixed another crashing bug


    Fixed a bug that causes occasional crashing


    Fixed a problem that makes scripts unable to be loaded in some programs


    Greatly improved performance, maximum 80% overhead reduction
    New feature: Ability to lock threads to cores, may improve performance in some cases
    (0.10 is skipped to avoid confusion)


    New feature: Frame prefetching
    New feature: Exporting multiple clip variables in a single process
    New feature: Code block can be shared between processes


    Binaries in the x86 folder are in correct version now (In 0.2 the win64 slave is actually win32...)
    Integrated a patched TCPDeliver, no longer depend on the external one
    Fixed random crash when filter chain is destroyed
    Thunked branching


    x64 support (please copy TCPDeliver.dll in the package to respective plugin folder)
    x86/x64 mixed slave process (requires both x86/x64 version of AviSynth to be installed)
    Add a script variable in branch slave process, make it distinguishable in script

[edit] External Links

  • GitHub - v0.18 source code repository (SAPikachu)
  • GitHub - from v0.20 source code repository (pinterf)

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