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Author b_inary
Version v0.10
Download [x86]


Category Deringing & Mosquito Noise
License GPLv2
Discussion Doom9 Thread



MosquitoNR is a noise reduction filter designed for mosquito noise, which is often caused by lossy compression such as MPEG.
This filter works as follows:

1. Compute low frequency components of the image.
2. Apply direction-aware blur (smoothing). This blur effectively reduces compression artifacts, but also breaks detail.
3. Restore the low frequency components to the blurred image.

MosquitoNR processes luma only, to correctly process chroma take a look at the example below.


  • CPU with SSE2 support

Syntax and Parameters

MosquitoNR (clip, int "strength", int "restore", int "radius", int "threads")

clip   =
Input clip

int  strength = 16
Range: 0 - 32
Sets the strength of the blur.
Setting this value higher brings stronger noise reduction effect, but side effect will also become stronger.

int  restore = 128
Range: 0 - 128
Sets the rate of restoring.
If set to 0, no restoring is performed.
If set to 128, low frequency components of the blurred image is completely replaced with those of the original image, and runs slightly faster.

int  radius = 2
Range: 1 - 2
Sets the radius of the blur.
1 is faster, but will have insufficient effect in some cases.

int  threads = 0
Range: 0 - 32
Controls how many threads are used.
By default, threads is set equal to automatically detected number of processors.
Since this filter needs a lot of memory access, thread efficiency is not very good. Setting this value lower might improve overall processing speed.


MosquitoNR with default settings:

MosquitoNR(strength=16, restore=128, radius=2, threads=0)

MosquitoNR processes only luma. If you want to process chroma too, you can write a script like the following, but there might be no noticeable change.

u = UtoY8().MosquitoNR() 
v = VtoY8().MosquitoNR()
YtoUV(u, v, last)


Version      Date            Changes
v0.10 2013/11/29 - x64 version - Compiled with Intel C++ Compiler XE 14.
v0.10 2013/03/14 - fixed a crash with AviSynth MT - added support for YV16, YV24, Y411, Y8 - some speed optimizations - added English documentation
v120210 2012/02/10 - initial release

Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
v0.10 x86:




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This filter is a combination of flash3kyuu's AviUtl plugin "smoothing filter" and nilpo's AviUtl plugin "low frequency components protection filter".
This combination was proposed by POP@4bit. I thank all of them very much.

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