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Author V.C.Mohan
Version 9 Apr 2018
Download movePlus.7z
Category External filters
License GPLv2
Discussion Reformer plugin



Reform uses matrix algebra for transformations. Reform has two modes viz: rectangle to quadrilateral and quadrilateral to rectangle. Lanczos or cubic or linear or nearest point interpolation methods can be opted. Full Description


  • AviSynth+ r2347 or later

Syntax and Parameters

Reform (clip, clip, string "resize", float "ltopx", float "ltopy", float "lbotx", float "lboty", float "rtopx", float "rtopy", float "rbotx", float "rboty", float "leftx", float "rightx", float "ytop", float "ybot", bool "qr", bool "norm")

clip   =
Clip to be skewed into quadrilateral or deskewed into rectangle

clip   =
Clip to be used as background

string  resize = "cubic"
Radius of grid to use
  • "lanczos"
  • "cubic"
  • "line"
  • "point"

float  ltopx = 0
Q left top x coordinate

float  ltopy = 0
Q left top y coordinate

float  lbotx = 0
Q left bottom x coordinate

float  lboty = frame height - 1
Q left bottom y coordinate

float  rtopx = frame width - 1
Q right top x coordinate

float  rtopy = 0
Q right top y coordinate

float  rbotx = frame width - 1
Q right bottom x coordinate

float  rboty = frame height - 1
Q right bottom y coordinate

float  leftx = 0
R left x coordinate

float  rightx = frame width - 1
R right x coordinate

float  ytop = 0
R top y coordinate

float  ybot = frame height - 1
R bottom y coordinate

bool  qr = true
R bottom y coordinate
  • true = q to r
  • false = r to q

bool  norm = false
Whether normalised coordinates are specified?
  • true = normalized
  • false = real


Script example:

bg = blankclip(last)
Reform(bg, resize= "lanczos",leftx = 100,rightx = 400, ytop = 200, ybot = 480,ltopx=200,ltopy=150, rbotx = 500, rboty = 400)

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