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[edit] Introduction

Note: RgTools is recommended as a modern drop-in replacement for the RemoveGrain package.

RemoveGrain is a plugin package that includes various plugins to denoise, repair, sharpen, and other miscellaneous filters.
Some of the plugins included: RemoveGrain, Repair, RSharpen, SSETools and their SSE2 and SSE3 versions.

The SSE3 versions of the complete RemoveGrain v0.9/v1.0b package are considered unstable due to compiler limitations at the time. RemoveGrain v1.0pre introduced a fix for all SSE3 versions.
Unfortunately RemoveGrain v1.0pre split the spatial and temporal filters into 2 different packages. For that reason the SSE2 versions of the RemoveGrain v1.0b are highly recommended since they are considered to be the most compatible and stable versions.

[edit] RemoveGrain v0.9

Official release | Deprecated
  • Download: [2005-05-01]

[edit] RemoveGrain v1.0b

"Beta" release | Recommended
  • Download: [2005-07-31]

[edit] RemoveGrain v1.0pre

Pre-release | Spatial
  • Download: [2007-05-16]
  • Download: [2009-11-30]

[edit] RemoveGrainT v1.0pre

Pre-release | Temporal
  • Temporal version of RemoveGrain v1.0pre
  • Download: [2007-05-16]

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