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Note: RgTools is recommended as a modern drop-in replacement for the RemoveGrain package.

RemoveGrain is a plugin package that includes various plugins to denoise, repair, sharpen, and other miscellaneous filters.
Some of the plugins included: RemoveGrain, Repair, RSharpen, SSETools and their SSE2 and SSE3 versions.

The SSE3 versions of the complete RemoveGrain v0.9/v1.0b package are considered unstable due to compiler limitations at the time. RemoveGrain v1.0pre introduced a fix for all SSE3 versions.
Unfortunately RemoveGrain v1.0pre split the spatial and temporal filters into 2 different packages. For that reason the SSE2 versions of the RemoveGrain v1.0b are highly recommended since they are considered to be the most compatible and stable versions.

RemoveGrain v0.9

Official release | Deprecated
  • Download: [2005-05-01]

RemoveGrain v1.0b

"Beta" release | Recommended
  • Download: [2005-07-31]

RemoveGrain v1.0pre

Pre-release | Spatial
  • Download: [2007-05-16]
  • Download: [2009-11-30]

RemoveGrainT v1.0pre

Pre-release | Temporal
  • Temporal version of RemoveGrain v1.0pre
  • Download: [2007-05-16]

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