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TemporalRepair is a temporal filter, primarily useful for restoring static (non moving) details of spatial filters like RemoveGrain.


Syntax and Parameters

TemporalRepair (clip, clip, int "smooth", bool "grey", bool "planar")

clip   =
Input clip to be repaired; usually the processed clip.

clip   =
Input clip; usually the original unprocessed clip.

int  smooth = 0
  • 0 : default
  • 1 :
  • 2 : intended to aid in deinterlacing
  • 3 : intended to aid in deinterlacing

bool  grey = false
If true chroma will not be processed nor copied.

bool  planar = false
See SSETools Interleaved2Planar.


TemporalRepair with default values:

Unprocessed = AviSource("Blah.avi")
Processed   = RemoveGrain(Unprocessed, mode=2, modeU=2, modeV=2, planar=false)
TemporalRepair(Processed, Unprocessed, smooth=0, grey=false, planar=false)

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