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Motion Compensated Clense. MCClense applies minmax clipping with respect to two frames (with the same frame number) from two neighbor clips. One clip is the forward motion compensated and the other the backward motion compensated clip. MCClense of course uses the same low level routine as Clense.


Syntax and Parameters

MCClense (clip, clip, clip, bool "grey", bool "reduceflicker", bool "planar", int "cache")

clip   =
Input clip.

clip   =
Input clip assume to be the forward motion compensated clip.

clip   =
Input clip assume to be the backward motion compensated clip.

bool  grey = false
If true, chroma will not be processed nor copied.

bool  reduceflicker = true
If false, the old Clense blending behavior will be used.

bool  planar = false
See SSETools Interleaved2Planar.

int  cache = 2


MCClense with default values:

MCClense(grey=false, reduceflicker=true, planar=false, cache=2)

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