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[edit] Description

Clense is a Temporal median of three frames, this filter can be used as a building block for many fancy medians. Clense is identical to MedianBlurTemporal(0,0,0,1) but a lot faster.

[edit] Requirements

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

Clense (clip, clip "previous", clip "next", bool "grey")

clip   =
Input clip must be planar.

clip  previous =
Optional clip.

clip  next =
Optional clip.

bool  grey = false
If true, chroma will not be processed nor copied.

Note: deprecated reduceflicker, planar, and cache parameters from the original Clense are not implemented. This version also includes the previous and next parameters from Clense in RemoveGrainT v1.0pre which were not available in the original Clense.

[edit] Examples

Clense with default values:


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