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High quality audio sample rate converter by Naoki Shibata. Audio is always converted to Float. This filter should result in better audio quality than ResampleAudio when converting between 44100↔48000 Hz.

44.1kHz sampling rate is used for a CD, and 48kHz is used for a DVD... Converting between these frequencies is hard, because the ratio between these two frequencies is 147:160, which are not small numbers. Accordingly, we need a very long FIR filter in order not to degrade the sound quality during conversion. This program utilizes FFTs to apply the FIR filter in order to reduce the amount of computation. [1]

Unlike ResampleAudio, SSRC doesn't work for arbitrary sample rate ratios. If it cannot handle resampling between the two sample rates, an error is raised.

Syntax and Parameters

SSRC(clip, int samplerate [, bool fast])

clip  clip =
Source clip. Audio is always converted to Float.
int  samplerate =
Target sample rate.
bool  fast = true
Enable faster processing at slightly lower quality.
Set this to false if you are doing large-ratio rate conversions (more than a factor 2).


  • Downsampling to 44.1 kHz:


v2.54 Initial Release.

Some parts of SSRC is:

Copyright (C) 2001-2003, Peter Pawlowski All rights reserved.

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