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These functions are useful to help understand the syntax of Avisynth scripting. Of course, they are even more useful to actually use. Copy them into a file with the extension .AVSI and located in your plugin directory, and they will be automatically enabled.

  • Layer Loop
LayerLoop is a function Dividee made upon the release of Avisynth 2 to show off the new Layer and Loop commands.
  • Virtual Dub filters
Wilbert's collections of functions for using VirtualDub filters:
to help interface with them.
  • Format conversion
Useful SmoothDeinterlaceFunctions to convert between broadcast formats. Converts back and forth between NTSC and PAL.
  • Multiple sources
Some common EditingFunctions for inserting and splicing multiple video sources.
  • CheckTopFirst
CheckTopFirst helps to determine if your clip is Top-Field-First or Bottom-Field-First.
  • GuessParity
GuessParity checks the parity of your clip.
  • CutFinder
CutFinder helps you to find the right position to concatenate 2 video streams.
That is, if you have, like me, found a video as two 800MB mpeg that won't fit on standard CDs, and on the second CD, a piece of the last frames of the first CD is included.
  • MagicPrisma
Makes a movie look like seen through a kaleidoscope. Uses functions like Layer, BilinearResize and rand. Not realy useful, but shows again how flexible AviSynth is.
  • SmoothFreezeFrame
SmoothFreezeFrame is like FreezeFrame, but blends all frames inside the start-end range together to create a smooth result.
  • VScrollTitle
VScrollTitle adds a vertically scrolling title (bottom to top, horizontally centered).
  • LoadOldPlugins
LoadOldPlugins allows one to use 2.0x and 2.5x plugins seamlessly without any calls to LoadPlugin.
A variety of functions, including Trim2/Trim3, UnfoldFieldsVertical/FoldFieldsVertical, NoArgFunctionWrapper, and Wipe.
Examples of wrapper functions to set default values to filters or to create presets for them.
  • DVB MPEG-2 Converter
Converts DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) MPEG-2 files into RGB24 720px-width video, with an option to return a center cut-out of a 16:9 frame.
  • red shifter - 3d anaglyph
This script shifts the red channel up and to the left an arbitrary amount of pixels.
  • mvfps-like functions
mvfpsflowscd, mvfpsscd, MVFlowBlur:
A free collection of 160+ functions installable as a single package, which both adds syntactic sugar to the AviSynth script language and serves as an educational example of Avisynth script coding from the elementary up to advanced level. In particular, the implementation of Arrays (every Avisynth script's variable type is supported) provides a powerful general-purpose tool to define and operate upon collections.
  • PowerAnimate
Here is an example of many-times-nested animate functions resulting the possibility for very nice effects.
  • MoveField
Moves field 0 or 1 pixelwise.
  • AddHalos
Adds glowing halos to bright objects in a clip. Requires Donald Graft's BoxBlur plugin.
  • Diffusion
Adds a softening diffusion to a clip. Requires Donald Graft's BoxBlur plugin.
  • ZoomInFrames
Functions to zoom in some frames of a clip, with optional linear zoom-in/out. Can be used to remove banners, etc. from TV recordings that can't be removed by a delogo plugin.
  • RestoreSuper8Frames
RestoreSuper8Frames allows to synchronize your video camera and your projector purely by software(!) - provided you can slow down the projector to about 2/3 to 1/2 of the camera's frame rate.
Let us assume the camera runs faster than the projector, so one or more video frames per celluloid image occur in the video sequence. RestoreSuper8Frames evaluates the video sequence and picks the least combed frame for each captured celluloid image. The other returned frames are black. Further processing with MultiDecimate gives you exactly the celluloid images as video frames.
Hint: Some camcorders keep the previous field if they capture a black field. This occurs while the shutter is closed. It may be a good idea to capture with removed shutter, as proposed by Fizick.
  • AdvancedMultiTrim
AdvancedMultiTrim a function for trimming with a few additional features.

Add more here whenever you come across a cool/useful bit of code.

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