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Author g-force
Version 1.0
Download Stab.avsi
Category Stabilizers
Discussion Doom9 Thread


[edit] Description

Simple Script to remove small high frequency jitter that appears often on old/bad transfers.

An unresolved bug in this filter can produce green tinting in seemingly random output frames. Still a suitable and effective tool for black and white footage: scripts should apply Greyscale() following Stab(). This filter may not be suitable for color footage; apply with caution.

[edit] Requirements

[edit] Required Plugins

Latest versions of the following filters are recommended unless stated otherwise.

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

Stab (clip clp, int "range", int "dxmax", int "dymax", int "mirror")

clip  clp =
Input clip.

int  range = 1
Number of previous (and also next) frames near requested frame to estimate motion.

int  dxmax = 4
Limit of x shift.

int  dymax = 4
Limit of y shift.

int  mirror = 0
Fill empty borders with mirrored from frame edge pixels (instead of black):
  • 0 - no mirror (default)
  • 1 - top
  • 2 - bottom
  • 4 - left
  • 8 - right
  • sum any of above - combination (15 - all )

[edit] Examples

Stab with default settings:

Stab(range=1, dxmax=1, dymax=1, mirror=0)

[edit] External Links

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