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| [[{{{1}}}/{{{2}}}|{{{2}}}]] | {{{3}}} | {{{4}}} |-

Defines a row of the standard filter table (plugin's filters) to be contained in all plugin description pages. It has four (positional) parameters:

  • 1: Name of the plugin; must be the same as the plugin page's name.
  • 2: Name of the filter; must be the same as the intended filter page's name.
  • 3: Description of the filter. Keep it short, since this is a listing; the full text should go to the filter page.
  • 4: Color space(s) supported by the filter.

The resulting filter page will have the following composite name: [plugin_name]/[filter_name]. If you want the short name (ie [filter_name]) to appear as a page, use a redirect to that page. With this setup name clashes between plugins and/or internal filters will be avoided beforehand without the need to redefine pages (and brake links to wiki pages) later.

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