Temporal Degrain

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Author Didée, Sagekilla
Version 1.23
Download TemporalDegrain.avs
Category Denoisers


[edit] Description

Temporal Degrain is a very slow, multi-stage temporal denoiser originally created for killing the dancing grain present in 300. It works by generating (or having the user specify) a calm search clip with almost no noise to ruin motion vector search. Then, two stages of denoising are done using MDegrain which is limited by our denoised clip. Then, the end result has contra-sharpening applied to sharpen the image to no more than what was present before.

Temporal Degrain works as a simple temporal degraining function that will remove MOST grain from video sources, including dancing grain, like the grain found on 300. Is currently capable of utilizing MVDegrain 1, 2, or 3. Also note, the parameters don't need to be tweaked much as the default settings provide very good denoising. Use of TD is only recommended where highest quality filtering (least grain/noise, and highest detail retained) is needed. Otherwise, FastDegrain can filter just as well.

[edit] Requirements

[edit] Required Plugins

Latest versions of the following filters are recommended unless stated otherwise.

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

TemporalDegrain (clip input, clip "denoise", bool "GPU", int "sigma", int "bw", int "bh", int "pel", int "blksize", int "ov", int "degrain", int "limit" int "SAD1", int "SAD2", int "HQ" )

clip  input =
Input clip.
clip  denoise = null
Denoised clip for detecting motion vectors. Defining this automatically disables FFT3DFilter.
bool  GPU = false
True enables GPU based prefiltering.
int  sigma = 16
FFT3D filtering strength; default works fine in most cases.
int  bw = 16
FFT3D block width.
int  bh = 16
FFT3D block height.
int  blksize = 8
MAnalyse block size.
int  pel = 2
MAnalyse subpixel accuracy.
int  ov = blksize/2
MAnalyse block overlap.
int  degrain = 2
MDegrain with 1, 2, or 3 vectors.
int  SAD1 = 400
MDegrain stage 1 thSAD.
int  SAD2 = 300
MVDegrain stage 2 thSAD.
int  HQ = 1
Adjusts filtering level.
  • 0 : disables any prefiltering (not recommended)
  • 1 : adds extra prefiltering
  • 2 : adds a post processing step to denoising

[edit] Examples

# Useful for denoising HD material at decent speeds
TemporalDegrain(degrain=3, ov=4, blksize=16)
# Faster processing than defaults with a manageable decrease in quality.
TemporalDegrain(degrain=1, ov=2, hq=1)

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