The script execution model

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This section is a walkthrough to the internals of the AviSynth script engine. Its aim is to provide a better understanding of how AviSynth transforms script commands to actual video frames and help a user that has already grasped the basics of AviSynth scripting to start writing better and optimised scripts.

The following subsections present the various parts that when combined together form what can be called the AviSynth's "script execution model":

A detailed description of the sequence of events that occur when you execute (ie load and render to your favorite encoder) an AviSynth script.
A glance at the basic internal data structure that holds the representation of a parsed AviSynth script.
How the AviSynth engine requests frames from filters.
The interplay of variables' scope and lifetime with the other features of AviSynth syntax.
The details of runtime scripts' evaluation.
Various performance-related issues and advice on how to optimise your AviSynth scripts and configuration.

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