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Author list
Version mod 210309
Download UnsharpHQmod_dacebe3_fp.7z
Category Sharpeners
License GPLv3
Discussion Doom9 Thread



This is a very strong and fast unsharp mask with some new features.


Syntax and Parameters

UnsharpHQ (clip, int "THRESHOLD", float "SHARPSTR", float "SMOOTH", bool "SHOW", int "MODE", int "OPT")

clip   =
Input clip.

int  THRESHOLD = 20
The value that determines whether or not to sharpen a pixel based on the luminance change between their neighbors.
Lower values allow more to be sharpened (including noise); higher values allow less but is set to high, small detail will not be sharpened.
Range: 0 to 99

float  SHARPSTR = 4.0
Sharpening strength; values from 2.0 to 10.0 are recommended.
Range: 0.0 up to 99.0

float  SMOOTH = 0.5
The smoothing strength for pixels not being sharpened (mainly flat areas). Set to 0.0 to disable smoothing.
Range: 0.0 to 4.0

bool  SHOW = false
When set to true a green and black mask is shown; useful for finding an optimal value* for THRESHOLD.
Anything in green gets sharpened, anything in black is not sharpened but can be smoothed if SMOOTH is greater than 0.

*optimal value - noise vs detail trade-off. The goal is to try to sharpen as much detail as possible while not sharpening noise.

int  MODE = 0
Operation mode:
  • 0 : equivalent to original version.
  • 1 : added in mod(threshold, sharpstr, smooth parameter effects are little bit changed in this mode), in this mode, SMOOTH=0 is good choice!

int  OPT = 0
Optimization - 0=auto, 1=C, 2:SSE2, 3:AVX2


UnsharpHQ with default settings:

UnsharpHQ(THRESHOLD=20, SHARPSTR=4.0, SMOOTH=0.5, SHOW=false, MODE=0, OPT=0)


Version      Date            Changes
mod 210309 2021/03/09 - Changes by Asd-g - Builds from @dacebe3 - Additional change to pass frame properties in AviSynth+.
mod 200816 2020/08/16 - Changed to Avisynth2.6+. - HBD (8-16 YUV only) support + AVX2 optimization, opt added to parameters. - Intrinsic asm.
mod 190119 2019/01/19 - Fixed loop range. - Changed correction weights from 4 to 8 (this will slightly change the output even in mode0) - Modify correction weights in mode1 so that they become 1 when the difference between the center point and the neighborhood of 8 is THRESHOLD.
mod 181224 2018/12/24 - Added MODE=1, which modifies something that seems to be wrong (MODE=0 is compatible with the previous version).
v0.5 2014/01/19 - Released source code under GPLv3 - Added parameters THRESHOLD, SMOOTH, and SHOW - Renamed parameter STR to SHARPSTR
v0.4 2011/02/26 - Optimized and more accurate v0.3
v0.3 2011/02/21 - Initial public release

Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
mod 210309 UnsharpHQmod_dacebe3_fp.7z UnsharpHQmod_dacebe3_fp.7z
v0.5 UnsharpHQ_v05.zip UnsharpHQ_v05.zip

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