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Hi Asd, thank you for posting those plugins. Do you have the source code to them? -Reel.Deal

Hi, Reel.Deal. I'm not familiar with the license things, that's why I didn't include the source code. EdgeFixer source code - here. Both DeDot vs port and FillBorders vs port source code - here. AVSInpaint source code - VariableBlur 0.7 and FillMargins - I used the original source code and just replaced 32-bit registers with 64-bit registers - download here, actually for those two plugins I used Intel XE 2019 compiler.
Asd, thank you for the prompt response and the sources :). I'm not sure about licensing too, main reason I asked was for future reference. Sometimes links die and sometimes other people may continue where you left off. I created a page for EdgeFixer and FillBorders, not yet complete but almost there. Thanks again Asd.
Thanks for creating page for EdgeFixer and FillBorders. Both plugins support high bit-depth too (8/10/12/14/16).

ExInpaint x64 src here - replaced 32-bit registers with 64-bit registers.

Hi asd,

Can you change the plugin name of SmoothUV to SmoothUV2? The function name can remain SmoothUV(). My reasoning is this, the VS version is a partial port of the original, it does not include the SSHiQ() filter. Similar to what tp7 did with MedianBlur2, it's just a partial port so he added a 2 to the plugin name but kept the MedianBlur() function name.

SimpleResize: if not too much trouble, can you give this plugin the same treatment as you did VariableBlur and FillMargins (64-bit binary)? I don't think there's a substitute for its WarpResize() function.

I've been updating all links to the plugins you've recently updated on GitHub. Thank you for starting a GitHub, it makes it much easier in the long run. Reel.Deal 16:07, 16 May 2020 (CEST)


Thank you for your contribution to this site.

I renamed SmoothUV to SmoothUV2 (the file name only).

I'll check SimpleResize.

I think to rename the functions CombMask, MaskedMerge, IsCombed as suggested here. They are indeed different from the original ones. But I don't think to add again Deblock to MPEG2DecPlus. The standalone Deblock plugin is the same filter as the one in MPEG2DecPlus but updated. Any thoughts?

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