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==External Links ==
==External Links ==
*[https://github.com/Aktanusa/VFRtoCFR GitHub] - Source code
*[https://github.com/Irrational-Encoding-Wizardry/Vapoursynth-VFRToCFR GitHub] - VapourSynth version
*[https://github.com/Irrational-Encoding-Wizardry/Vapoursynth-VFRToCFR GitHub] - VapourSynth version

Latest revision as of 22:25, 16 August 2019

Author Aktan
Version 20120730
Download VFRtoCFR20120730.zip
Category Frame Rate Converters
License Open Source
Discussion Doom9 Forum


[edit] Description

Converts a variable frame rate (VFR) video to a constant frame rate (CFR) video with the help of Matroska Version 2 Timecodes.

[edit] Requirements

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

TimecodeFPS (clip, string "times", int "numfps", int "denfps", bool "dropped")

clip   = last
The clip to convert from VFR to CFR.

string  times = "times.txt"
The path to Matroska timecodes (v2).

int  numfps = 30000
The numerator of the CFR.

int  denfps = 0
The denominator of the CFR

bool  dropped = false
If true, it will throws an error if there are frames dropped in the conversion. Good to figure out if the CFR is set too low.

[edit] Examples

Convert a VFR video clip to CFR FILM (23.976fps):

FFVideoSource("myclip.mp4", timecodes="timecodes.txt")
VFRtoCFR(times="timecodes.txt", numfps=24000, denfps=1001)


[edit] Changelog

Version         Date            Changes
20120730 2012-07-30 - Rewrote the whole algorithm to be a lot smarter 20120528 2012-05-28 - Initial release

[edit] External Links

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