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  Version        Date            Changes<br>
  Version        Date            Changes<br>
  v1.0           2013-01-15      - Initial release [http://web.archive.org/web/20130430033132/http://snarl.zapto.org/files/vfrtocfr-1.0.zip]
  v1.1.1          2017-02-25      - Minor multi threading improvement
v1.1.0         2017-02-21      - Support for 64bit and VapourSynth
v1.0.0          2013-01-15      - Initial release [http://web.archive.org/web/20130430033132/http://snarl.zapto.org/files/vfrtocfr-1.0.zip]

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Author joyje
Version v1.1.1
Download vfrtocfr-1.1.1.zip
Category Frame Rate Converters
License BSD



This plugin converts variable frame rate clips to constant frame rate by introducing null frames.

By specifying a constant target frame rate (CFR) in the form of a numerator and denominator that yield a frame rate higher than the average frame rate of variable frame rate (VFR) clip, the plugin will insert null frames (exact copies of previous frame(s)) where needed to keep the framerate constant.


Syntax and Parameters

TimecodeFPS (clip, string "timecodes", int "fpsnum", int "fpsden", bool "debug")

clip   = last
Input clip. Can be any AviSynth supported colorspace. Must have exactly the same number of frames as lines in timecodes.

string  timescodes = ""
Path to a matroska v2 timecodes file. Only matroska v2 timecodes files are supported.

int  fpsnum = 0
Numerator of the target FPS.

int  fpsden = 0
Denominator of the target FPS.

bool  debug = false
Whether or not to show internal information (render it on top of the video). This parameter is optional and defaults to false.


Convert a VFR video clip to CFR FILM (23.976fps):

FFVideoSource( "myclip.mp4", timecodes="timecodes.txt" )
vfrtocfr( timecodes="timecodes.txt", fpsnum=24000, fpsden=1001 )

audiodub( FFAudioSource("myclip.mp4") )


Version         Date            Changes
v1.1.1 2017-02-25 - Minor multi threading improvement v1.1.0 2017-02-21 - Support for 64bit and VapourSynth v1.0.0 2013-01-15 - Initial release [1]

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