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| {{Author/putin}}
| {{Author/putin}}
| v0.03
| v0.03
|[http://putin999.web.fc2.com/yrangemask003.rar yrangemask003.rar]
|[http://web.archive.org/web/20150510140334/http://putin999.web.fc2.com/yrangemask003.rar yrangemask003.rar]
| Masking
| Masking
| Closed source
| Closed source

Latest revision as of 15:34, 12 January 2020

Author putin
Version v0.03
Download yrangemask003.rar
Category Masking
License Closed source


[edit] Description

AviSynth plug-in to create a mask by specifying the range of the brightness.

[edit] Requirements

  • AviSynth 2.5.8 or greater
  • Supported color formats: YV12

[edit] Syntax and Parameters

YRangeMask (clip , int "min_y", int "fade_min_y", int "max_y", int "fade_max_y", bool "invert")

clip   =
Input clip.

int  min_y = 0
Minimum threshold.

int  fade_min_y = 0
How many minimum pixels to fade.

int  max_y = 0
Maximum threshold.

int  fade_max_y = 0
How many maximum pixels to fade.

bool  invert = false
Set to true to invert the mask.

[edit] Examples

Masked areas and the effect of the fade parameters.


[edit] Changelog

Version      Date            Changes
v0.03 02/06/2012 - ? v0.02 28/05/2012 - ? v0.01 01/05/2012 - initial release

[edit] Archived Downloads

Version Download Mirror
v0.03 yrangemask003.rar yrangemask003.rar
v0.02 yrangemask002.rar yrangemask002.rar

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