author: TemporalCleaner (by Jim Casaburi; ported to AviSynth by Vlad59)
version: Beta 2
dowload: http://www.avisynth.org/warpenterprises/
category: Temporal Smoothers


TemporalCleaner is an avisynth port of the original port of the VirtualDub filter made by Jim Casaburi.

I just added some ASM to Jim's algo.

1 - What it does 

if the difference between previous pixel and current pixel is below a blur threshold then replace the current pixel by the average between previous and current pixel else keep current pixel.

An other trick is to add some feedback to this filter : instead of using the unfiltered previous frame it uses the already filtered one.

Simple isn't it ?

2 - Parameters

TemporalCleaner (clip, int "ythresh", int "cthresh")

ythresh (default value = 5) : blur luma threshold (don't go above 8 otherwise you'll have some ghosting).

cthresh (default value = 10) : blur chroma threshold (you can safely go a little above 8 as if luma is above threshold -> chroma is automatically kept (no blur)).

3 - Current limitations or known problems

- Work only with YUV2, CHECKED.
- require a Integer SSE capable CPU (no PII and K6-II), CHECKED.
- Require a mod-4 width (NOT CHECKED)

4 - Credits

Thanks to
- Jim Casaburi for the original idea (I'm just his translator ;))
- Zarxrax and Ligh for the beta testing

Vlad59 (babas.lucas at laposte.net)

Change log

2003/01/13 beta2 :

2002/11/09 beta1 :

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