This is the list of avisynth filters I have created:

fft3dGPU version 0.8.2 manual install

Convert To Postfix (Use it with LUT in masktools)

MatchClips version 0.2

medianblur 0.84 also include ml3dex version 0.84

ML3Dex GPU version

MT (MultiThreading in avisynth) version 0.7. Contains MT and a modified multithreaded version of avisynth 2.5.7

RGB Manipulate version 0.5(MergeRGB,XtoRGB where X is R,G or B)

TrimMaker a small visual basic program to simplify trimming with avisyth

VariableBlur (includes variable radius(sd) gaussian ,binomial and mean blur) version 0.40

LoadDll load a dll in avisynth

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