Author V. C. Mohan
Sep 26, 2008

This plugin requires libFFTw3f-3.dll or FFTw3.dll to be in the path ( place in windows/system32 folder)

While video recording many scenes are panned horizontally or vertically or both ways. The scene shift in both x and y direction are determined through cross correlation and cross correlation is displayed. On first frame autocorrelation is displayed. The peak corresponds to zero zero shift. On the last scene the maximum and minimum shifts in x and y directions between adjacent frames are given out as an error message.

FXpanse plugin creates a full scene and need some input parametrs for successful operation. This Corr2D plugin can be run on the input prior to get at optimum parameters. Use of Grid plugin facilitates better visualisation of correlation shifts.

use progressive or any one type (top or bottom)field as input

This plugin works for RGB, YUY2 and YV12 color spaces.

Note: shifts to left or to top are negative numbers. Shifts to right or bottom of frame are positive numbers.

There are no parameters excepting the input clip. Shifts should not exceed a quarter of width for x and quarter of height for y direction.

Details of parameters
Description Name Type Limits Default
Input clip clip short clip none

loadPlugin ("------------\Corr2D.dll")

#example of using a scene I recorded with a hand held video camera directshowsource("E:\...\LasVegas.avi").trim(1200,1800) converttoYV12() assumeframebased() separatefields() selecteven() a=selectevery(16,0) #corr2d(a).grid(color=$ff0f) #return (last) #a=FXpanse(a,wmax=80,hmax=8,wmin =-8, hmin=-16,hdef = 0, wdef = 0) #since only half height field is used as input enlarge a=lanczosresize(f,(f.width/4)*4, (f.height/2) *4)

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