EffectBalloon creates a colored balloon with given reflectivity and opacity at a starting x coord and floor Y coordinate. The balloon hops on the image nhops times to the final x coordinate and floor Y coordinate. Floor Y will be the base below which the balloon does not descend. The maximum rise of the balloon above this floor y is given by value of rise. Atleast 8 frames per hop must be input for this effect. Preferably do not exceed 127 for any color component. Refl(ectivity) should not exceed opacity. Light direction and its offset as %age of radius in the direction are other parameters. If light is "omni" then lightx and lighty coordinates may be specified. Instead of light coming from one direction it will illuminate the balloon from the lightx and lighty coordinates. Offset parameter will still have effect ( for the light can be out of plane).. RGB32 RGB24, YUY2 and YV12 only are supported at this time.

Details of parameters
Description Name Type Limits Default
clip clip none
Effect start frame number sf Integer within clip first frame
Effect end frame number ef Integer within clip and at least 8 times nhops more than start frame last frame
Radius of balloon radius integer 8 or more, less than 1/4th of smaller frame dimension 1/8th smaller frame dimension
RGB color of balloon color integer RRGGBB color value 0xff
Opacity %age opacity integer 0 to 100 50
number of hops the balloon makes nhops integer not more than 1/8 of number of frames in effect 1
Maximum rise of balloon rise integer minimum radius, maximum floory-radius floory-radius
starting x coordinate of center of balloon startx integer minimum radius, max frame width-radius radius
Final x coordinate of center of balloon finalx integer minimum radius, max frame width-radius width-radius
Floor Y coordinate of center of balloon floory integer minimum radius, max frame height-radius height-radius
Direction of illumination of balloon light string "north""east" "south" "west" "front" "ne" "nw" "se" "sw" "omni" "front"
Reflectivity %age refl integer 0 to 100, less than opacity 40
light offset %age (of radius) perpendicular to image plane. not used for front lighting offset integer 0 to 100 80
light x coord for Omni option lightx integer In frame Frame width center
light Y coord for Omni option lighty integer In frame Frame top

#Usage examples:-
EffectBalloon(last,51,190, 20,$3f7f4f,50,4,200,600,20,400, "east",40,60)

EffectBalloon(last,51,190, color=$cc00, nhops=6)

EffectBalloon(last,51,190, color=127,opacity=75, refl=20)

EffectBalloon(last,51,190, radius= 40, refl=40, light="omni", lightx=300, lighty=240)

EffectBalloon(last,51,190, rise=300, light="west", offset=50)

Image with effect (repeated six times to get 6 balloons) :
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