EffectFlowerpot generates multi colored glowing embers in parabolic trajectories from given x and y coordinates resembling Flower Pot Fire Works (as popularly known in India).The x and y coordinates may be varied linearly during transition by specifying different values for initial and end coordinates. The initial horizontal spread of the flowers will be -rise/4 to +rise/4 around x coordinate. The Zoom parameter approximates the flower pot nearing or moving away in Z direction (effectively varies rise from frame to frame). Value of 100 keeps it constant. Any value less than 100 apparently moves source away while higher than 100 brings it closer. Even though parameters are checked to ensure visibility of the flowers, due to combined effect of parameter variations, they may go out of frame (not visible). Experiment with parameters for desired result. This effect is different from EffectFireworks1 where the beams do not continue from frame to frame while here they are continuous for some frames. Effect must be 4 sec or more to visulise properly. RGB32, RGB24 YUY2 and YV12 only are supported at this time.

Details of parameters
Description Name Type Limits Default
clip clip none
Effect start frame number sf Integer within clip first frame
Effect end frame number ef Integer within clip last frame
initial x coordinate of source initx integer to ensure visibilty of fireworks mid frame width
Initial y coordinate of source inity integer ensure visibility frame height
Maximum rise of fire rise integer reasonable value frame height
Floor Y coordinate below which flowerss will not fall yfloor integer always more than y - rise inity
end x coordinate of source endx integer to ensure visibilty of fireworks initx
end y coordinate of source endy integer ensure visibility inity
zoom %age at end. (initial is 100) zoom integer 10 to 400 100

#Usage examples:-
EffectFlowerpot(last,51,190, 0,300,300,400,400,200,50)
EffectFlowerpot (last,51,190,300,yfloor=300)
EffectFlowerpot (last,51,190,100,200, rise=80, zoom=300)
EffectFlowerpot (last,51,190)
EffectFlowerpot (last,2,240, initx=80,endx=400, inity=580, endy=30)

Image with effect :
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