EffectRain adds rain to the image. The rain can be light, medium, heavy, increasing from light to heavy or decrease from heavy to light. The color of rain can be selected by the red, green and blue parameters. The direction of rain can be varied left to right or right to left or kept constant during the effect. RGB32, RGB24 YUY2 and YV12 formats only are supported

Details of parameters
Description Name Type Limits Default
clip clip none
Effect start frame number sf Integer within clip first frame
Effect end frame number ef Integer within clip last frame
type of rain type string "heavy", "med", "light", "inc", "dec" "med"
red component of rain color red integer 0 to 255 127
green component of rain color green integer 0 to 255 127
blue component of rain color blue integer 0 to 255 127
variation in direction of rain fall vary string "l2r" "r2l", "l2v" "r2v" v2r" v2l" "constl" "constv" "constr" "l2r"
initial %age opacity of rain initop integer 1 to 100 30
final %age opacity of rain finop integer 1 to 100 70

#Usage examples:-
EffectRain(last,1,150,"inc",250,250,0, "l2r",initop=90, finop=10)
For medium intensity rain, changing from left to right and grey color:

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