EffectStream function creates the effect of a flowing water stream across the image.. The stream flow can be either vertical or horizontal. Freq of flow, Stream breadth, wavelength, axis (stream axis) coordinate are the parameters. It is required that the parameters axis and breadth are so specified that the whole stream strip is within the image. Note in some rare situations (bug in software) streaks may appear on image (as seen in image below). RGB32, RGB24, YUY2 and YV12 formats only are supported.

Details of parameters
Description Name Type Limits Default
clip clip none
Effect start frame number sf Integer within clip first frame
Effect end frame number ef Integer within clip last frame
Direction of stream string "hor" or "ver" none
frequency freq integer 1 to 4 1
stream breadth breadth integer multiples of 12, less than 3/4 of frame dimension 60
wavelength lambda integer 12 or more, multiple of 4, max 1/3 of frame dimension 60
stream axis coordinate axis integer ensure all of frame width is within frame frame central line x or y as per direction specified

#Usage examples:-
EffectStream(last,50,90, "hor",1,120,48,200)
EffectStream(last,59,190 "ver", axis=200)

Image with effect :
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