Author V. C. Mohan
Date Jul 2015
EMail: mohanvc

FFTQuiver plugins for Avisynth 2.5.8 and 2.6 versions and avisynth+ are free for use, under GPL with no gaurentees or warranties neither explicit nor implied. Use of this plugin is entirely at users risk.

FQuiver and FFTQuiver plugins are similar except that FQuiver is self contained while FFTQuiver requireslibFFTw3f-3.dll or 64 bit libFFTw3f-3.dll , and is faster. These FFT dlls are from FFTW.org.

FFTQuiver plugin has two main functions: F1Quiver, F2Quiver. To visulize the frequency spectra and crrectly specify filters, two supporting functions are also included. These are F1QTest and F2QTest. These have identical parameters with the processing functions for ease of scripting.

F1Quiver and F1QTest transforms image data row by row into one dimensional spatial frequency domain.
F2Quiver and F2QTest as the name implies converts whole of image through a 2d transform into spatial frequency domain.

These functions have a large number of cascadable frequency domain Gaussian and Butterworth filters for image processing.F1Quiver has a custom filter facility also. Homomorphic filtering can also be done with these functions.
YUY2 and all Planar (Yv12 only in 2.5 version) color formats only are supported by these functions.

A quiver is a carrying case of a bunch of arrows used by hunters in olden times. As this plugin has a large number of filters, this name was chosen. I am reminded of an excellent book titled 'A quiver full of arrows ' by Jeffry Archer.

Comments, suggestions and bug reports may please be addressed to me by either mohanvc or through the excellent doom9 forum avisynth usage threads.

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